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Features: 3DMvcl2g

Catenary Sag Curve Ground Clearances


Calculates the minimum vertical clearance between two 3D polylines. Uses the same scale ratio of 1:1 vertical scale to horizontal scale.


Select Catenary
Select Ground Line
Select Poleattr Block
Minimum Line-2-Gnd Clearance is:
> (select)
> (select)
> (select)


Warning about UNITS and Calculations when Loading

When loading the program, a warning is displayed if the Units setting is other than Decimal [2], because the formulas used assume whole units as equal to 1 foot. Otherwise curves may not match your original template.

OUTPUT to screen

On screen display of several Autolisp variable names and their set values after a program function run is now available by typing (VALUES) at the Drawing Editors Command: prompt.

Calculations of CAT and 3DCAT saved to ASCII file

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